YEDI Reaches New Heights at the World Incubation Summit in Ghent

17 May 2023

Exciting news from the World Incubation Summit in Ghent, Belgium!

The event marked a significant milestone as it was the first in-person Summit since the COVID-19 pandemic began, bringing together the world leading incubators and accelerators from around the world to discuss the betterment of the entrepreneurial community.

The Summit emphasized the importance of collective knowledge and the power of incubators and accelerators coming together. These organizations play a vital role in supporting startups and entrepreneurs, and the Summit provided a unique platform for industry leaders, thought pioneers, and changemakers to exchange ideas and experiences. The collective knowledge shared at the event is essential for driving the growth and impact of the entire incubation ecosystem.

Discussions at the Summit centered around emerging trends that are reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape. The rapid advancements in technology and its disruption of traditional industries were highlighted, with a focus on embracing emerging technologies like AI to fuel innovation and economic growth.

Our very own Dr. Marat Ressin, President of YEDI, was a distinguished panelist, sharing valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of incubators and accelerators. He also received YEDI’s award for World Top 5 Public/Private Business Accelerators from UBI Global in person! This award further validates YEDI’s commitment to nurturing innovation and fostering a supportive ecosystem for trailblazing entrepreneurs.

YEDI’s participation in the World Incubation Summit showcased its commitment to global entrepreneurship. As a leading institute known for its programs and support for startups, YEDI made a significant impact at the event. Its contributions to the discussions added value and ensured its voice was heard, further solidifying its position as a key player in fostering innovation and entrepreneurial success.

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