Privacy Policy for Program Applicants

The submission of an online application form to participate in any program at the York Entrepreneurship Development Institute, henceforth referred to as “YEDI”, constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions of submission set out herein:

  • YEDI has no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the applicant and their co-founder(s), and any application content as it pertains to their personal selves. YEDI may disclose such personal information contained in the submission to third parties, such as sponsors and partners.

  • YEDI will review each application fairly and with due process. Submission to YEDI does not guarantee acceptance into any of the YEDI programs.

  • YEDI may circulate the application and contents thereof to third parties and members of the Selection Committee solely for the purpose of evaluation for program suitability. YEDI is committed to protecting your intellectual property. Therefore, all submission content as it pertains to the venture, including intellectual property of ideas set out therein, will not be replicated, disseminated, or used by YEDI for purposes exceeding the due review process.

  • Third parties that participate in the review process consent upon the terms and conditions for non-disclosure of such sensitive information, as set out herein. YEDI is not liable for third party violations of privacy, wherein the applicant and their co-founder(s) and the accused third party must legally deal with such violations directly, without the participation of YEDI.

  • The applicant hereby certifies that they are the exclusive owner of all content contained in the application and has the legal rights necessary to disclose such information. The applicant acknowledges that they may not submit any contents that are owned by other persons and entities. The applicant bears full responsibility for any violation of obligation to other persons and entities through the disclosure of anything contained in the submission.

  • YEDI is dedicated to providing its fellows with high-caliber entrepreneurship training and preparing them for pitching opportunities. YEDI, however, makes no guarantee that the applicant and their for-profit or non-profit venture will receive financing or funding.

  • YEDI will rarely, if at all, review or revise the terms and conditions set out herein for application submission. The applicant is subject to this agreement as it appears on the date of their application submission. Any changes made at a later date will not apply to such applicant.