Securing investment opportunities for start-ups looking to bridge the gap.

Securing investment is critical for most start-ups. YEDI VC collaborates with private investors, angels investor groups and VCs in order to help client ventures obtain the appropriate investment.

Often, investors are looking to invest in companies which reached certain traction milestones. However, this may be a challenge for boot-strapped early stage ventures and this why the YEDI VC Fund was created. The Fund acts as an intermediary step between the development/commercialization process and later stage investment. Entrepreneurs may secure up to $500,000 in funding to help achieve the necessary milestones for the next levels of investment. The Fund’s exit occurs once the venture has reached the necessary milestones and receives follow-on investment.

Eligibility criteria

  • Graduates of the YEDI Incubator, International Program, Diploma programs and/or residents of YEDI’s Business Acceleration Campuses

  • Letter of intent from a follow-on investor or proof of ability to buy YEDI VC shares back within 3 years

  • Completion of due diligence by YEDI

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YEDI VC is a General Member of the CVCA.

YEDI has proved itself to be a valuable and reliable partner.

Konstantin Feinberg
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