Vineet Nagia

Vineet has a diverse background in Academics, Business and Technical Management. Having served as an Instructor at Georgian@ILAC College for Global Business Management and Project Management programs, along with experience supporting academic endeavors at McMaster University, Vineet brings valuable expertise to the table. Vineet is adept at managing large teams and proficient in various online learning tools. Additionally, he being a Veteran and currently a Program Manager underscores his leadership skills and ability to deliver results. With a blend of academic prowess and practical experience, Vineet is making significant contributions to educational endeavors.

Vineet holds an MBA from McMaster University, Hamilton, complemented by a Master of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Outside of academia, Vineet enjoys portaging, backcountry camping, sailing and white-water rafting. He is also passionate about animal welfare and follows a vegan lifestyle.


Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management