Shane Harker

Founder – Rethink Resource

Shane Harker is hell bent on changing the world one piece of garbage at a time. He is the Founder and President of Rethink Resource, an environmental waste diversion company focused on making sure your highly valued trash is not wasted in the landfill but instead, recycled and up-cycled in the best ways possible. Shane started his career at the age of 15 where he worked on a transportation dock and progressed to various positions such as a truck driver, a salesperson, and a regional manager. Now, as the Founder of Rethink Resource, he uses his 25 years of experience in business, management leadership, transportation, and waste to create high impact change in the environment. His circular economy initiatives include rethinking how your food waste is repurposed back into the food cycle and rethinking how you package your food. Rethink Resource has diverted over 90% of all waste they’ve collected so far which includes more than 10 million pounds of waste – a mere drop in the landfill compared to what Shane hopes to accomplish in these next few years on the journey to 1 billion tons.