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Global Start-Up Mission

  • A) Tell us about the founders, their roles, how they met and how long they have been working together? B) Provide examples of what team members have done or created in the past? C) Which team member(s) will be responsible for going global and experience/capacity do they have to do business in the selected global market (business culture, language, etc.)?
  • Tell Us About Your Venture

  • Please describe your product and/or service and value proposition in one sentence.
  • A) What is your customer's problem and how does your company solve it? B) Describe what your company does or makes; C)What's new, interesting or different about what you offer?
  • A) Why did you identify this country as your global market opportunity? B) What is the size of the opportunity in the identified global market? C) Describe your target customer and your go-to-market strategy to reach them. D) Indicate market traction or feedback from customers received to date in Canada and/or the selected global market (include revenue, metrics, or any other indicators of progress). E) Provide information on current or likely competitors. How are you different?
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  • Separated by comma, if available.
  • Please provide any relevant documents that validate or verify the context of your idea, e.g. market research, patent confirmation, etc. Please upload a "zip" folder if you have more than one document you would like to provide.
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  • What do you hope to get from the program and how will you use the training and access to networks to succeed? What are the milestones you would like to achieve throughout and by the end of the session?
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