Mark Norman

Mark, Senior Partner of Heart of the Matter Consulting is a respected and sought after consultant and trainer. He ventured from his work in wildlife management into the psychology of human dynamics in the workplace, in order to make significant contributions to organizational vitality. Over twenty five years of experience in working with organizations in change have proven his value to countless individuals and teams in search of effectiveness and balance. He currently devotes his efforts to the development of individual and corporate leadership, coaching executives, leaders and teams rise above the issues that impede creativity and growth.

Mark has led major organizational change initiatives in the educational sector, increased employee engagement and built effective teams in the pulp and paper industry, rolled out learning and career resilience processes in the automotive industry and developed leadership certificate programs for municipal governments and coached executive teams. His passion, in all of these areas, is the development of leadership that inspires individuals and teams to take ownership of their contributions to organizations. He has contributed in the not for profit sector, with Municipal Governments, in the industrial and manufacturing sectors as well as in Education and Health Care.

Mark has worked with thousands of people, from assembly lines to boardrooms; from the Maritimes to the Yukon. He is just as comfortable and effective working with front line workers as he is coaching executives. His mastery of English and French benefits his clients by providing fully bilingual services across Canada and in the U.S. Mark is valued in the training environment for his inclusiveness, his ability to challenge thinking, his sense of humour and the consistent creation of safe learning environments. Mark Norman is a valued contributor to The Schulich Executive Education Centre of York University in Toronto, Ontario and to the Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre of Loyalist College located in Belleville, Ontario. He also regularly teaches seminars for the Executive Development Department of the Gustavson School of Business of the University of Victoria.