John Arnott

John Arnott has designed over 250 products and complex systems in many industry sectors. He founded Canada’s largest Industrial Design consultancy and has started five companies building ITI to $250 million valuation. He has been a leading figure in the design non-profit sector and is the immediate past president of the national Association of Canadian Industrial Designers. He is a respected consultant, educator, and writer.

The Arnott Group has practiced internationally since 1972 serving large multi-national corporations and many small and start-up firms. John was a pioneer in User Interface Design which led to the firm’s leadership in medical electronics and Human Factors Applications. This expertise led to a ‘sole source’ contract to develop an Experimental Air Traffic Control System for Transport Canada, and to dental sterilisers that have saved millions of lives. Mr Arnott is the recipient of twelve utility patents.

John has been active in the promotion of Industrial Design through the co-founding of the Group for Design in Business, the co-founding of the Design Exchange, and the creation of the Half Price Tickets Booth for The Performing Arts Development Fund.

John is currently writing a history of Industrial Design in Canada, and a text book on Business for Designers.


Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management