Gail Levitt, PhD

Gail holds advanced degrees in communications and has over 25 years of industry experience. Dr. Gail Levitt, is the president and primary facilitator of Levitt Communications, which she she created to bridge the gap between communications theory and practice in business and government. Her success in this niche derives from her own previous career in both worlds. Dr. Levitt worked for twelve years in communications management for two international fortune 500 companies. For the next decade, she was a university instructor specializing in business and technical communications for adult professionals.

Gail has earned a solid reputation as a versatile, energetic, and adaptive facilitator who inspires and challenges participants to enjoy the process of learning the “what” and the “why” as well as the “how.” Gail creates and facilitates training programs for a variety of administrative, business and executive professionals in public and in-company programs in Canada, the United Staes, and Great Britain. A highly interactive presenter, Gail is recognized by major Canadian, American and British organizations for her knowledge, enthusiasm, and flexible teaching styles.