Ric Phillips

Program Advisor at YEDI; Founder of 3V Communications 

Ric Phillips is an executive communication coach and corporate trainer focused on sharing concepts to help anyone communicate simply, clearly and confidently.  He is the creator of 3V Communications™, a company that uses a holistic system to synchronize and sharpen interpersonal and professional communication skills.  His background includes M.A. Sociology and certifications in teaching English as a second language, body language analysis, coaching and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). He is a frequent conference speaker, TEDx speaker and author.  Ric is an expert in communications, public speaking techniques and body language analysis, frequently called upon by the media to provide pundit opinion and advice on business people, politicians and celebrities.  In 2016 Ric also became the Executive Director of the National Communication Coaching Association of Canada (NCCA).
Programs: Incubator, Not-for-Profit, International, Youth.
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