Arik Kalininsky

Founder and CTO – Dalikoo

Arik Kalininsky is the founder and CTO of Dalikoo, a born-in-the-cloud software company. Dalikoo utilizes the Serverless computing cloud execution model to provide business functions such as CRM, Sales Management, Project Management, and Document Management in a centralized, configurable environment. Moreover, Dalikoo provides consulting and application development services promoting the modern workplace, and enhancing collaboration. Prior to Dalikoo, Arik, an experienced executive, lead various IT groups, and maintained an active leadership role as part of several senior management teams.
Arik utilizes a forward-thinking approach to implementing innovative technology solutions for addressing business needs, while ensuring strict adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements presented by government agencies, and various other governing bodies. His passion for technology combined with his keen business sense keeps Arik’s teams motivated and goal-oriented. Arik holds a Bachelors degree from York University and a certificate for outstanding achievement from the Queen’s Executive Leadership Program. Arik has over 20 years of experience in diverse managerial and architectural roles that span many facets of industry, including hardware, software development, telecommunications, manufacturing, and logistics. Since 2011, Arik had the privilege of speaking at numerous leading industry events such as the Canadian Leadership summit, Microsoft’s global SharePoint conference, and many other leadership and CIO events throughout North America. He is a chair of the partnership portfolio for the CIO Association’s Toronto chapter, and Chair of the Technology and Innovation committee for the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce.