Alan Kennedy

Alan is a partner with Gibson Kennedy & Company, a Toronto consulting firm offering Canadian clients strategy counsel and competitive research services since 1990. Gibson Kennedy is the authorized correspondent in Canada for Kaiser Associates Inc., a Washington-based consultancy offering global competitive research services to North American based clients. Alan’s practice focuses exclusively on matters of strategy, risk, and capital projects planning and communication using The Alpha Strategies model he developed.

Alan has been teaching strategy for the Schulich Executive Education Centre since 1992. His principal course is Strategic Management, a three day course on Situation Analysis, Strategic Planning, and Business Planning. Alan is a member of the faculty for Management I, a one week course for new managers, and the Aviva Insurance Leadership Program, a one week program for insurance industry executives. Alan is a frequent speaker on matters of strategy and project management. Alan’s book, The Alpha Strategies – Understanding Strategy, Risk, and Values in Any Organization is available at all online retailers and for free as an e-book at

Alan is a Honor Roll member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. Alan received his degrees from Dalhousie University and served as Senior Vice President & General Counsel for both Oxford Development Group and Campeau Corporation and as a member of the Board of Directors for both companies. Alan has extensive governance experience developed from attendance at over 500 board meetings.