Is there an application fee?

There is no application fee associated with this submission. Should you be selected to receive a Letter of Support you will be invited to join the YEDI Business Acceleration campus for a minimum of one year. The fee for your office space will be determined based on your space requirements.

How long until I know if I have moved onto the next round?

We open the application portal once every three months until we’ve reached the capacity and we process the applications throughout this time. Within two weeks of you applying you should receive a response. 

Does participation in the International program guarantee letter of support?

Participation in the International program is not tied to receiving a Letter of Support. The International program is a two week educational and exploratory program, meant to introduce international entrepreneurs to Canadian business landscape. Participates may decide to apply separately for a Letter of Support. 

I have a business background but I don’t have a particular idea now, can I apply?

You must have an innovative idea or early stage business in order to apply.

I plan to launch my business in a province other than Ontario, am I eligible to apply?

In order to apply to YEDI, the business must launch in Ontario upon landing and the entrepreneur must be a part of the YEDI Acceleration campus for a minimum of one year. 

What types of ventures is YEDI accepting and looking for?

YEDI is scouting for innovative ideas at any stage of their cycle. “Innovation” strives to both solve an issue, as well as alter the system that initially gave rise to such issue. Startups from any field will be considered. See “Eligibility” for details.
How is my idea protected when I apply?

See our “Privacy Policy” for the terms and conditions for program applicants.
Can we apply in teams?

Yes, you may apply as a team.
Do you have a question we did not answer? Contact us at info@yedi.ca