Is there an application or course fee?

There are no fees associated with the program.
What types of ventures is YEDI accepting and looking for?

YEDI is scouting for innovative ideas at any stage of their cycle. “Innovation” strives to both solve an issue, as well as alter the system that initially gave rise to such issue. Startups from any field will be considered. See “Eligibility” for details.
How are the innovators selected?

Applications are first pre-screened by experts. Secondly, they are reviewed by the Selection Committee, which is composed of a special panel of judges from varied backgrounds and sets of expertise, based on a set rubric that aligns with YEDI values. Selected candidates are then shortlisted and interviewed by the program advisors. Those who succeed this phase then proceed to be inducted to the program.
How is my idea protected when I apply?

See our “Privacy Policy” for the terms and conditions for program applicants.
Is the program only open to students?

We believe that good ideas can be born at any age, to anyone. YEDI’s program is not limited to students. All adult ages are welcome to apply.
Can we apply in teams?

If an idea was founded by more than one person whose added value is irreplaceable for the venture, YEDI will consider more than one applicant.
Am I eligible and how do I apply?

Please ensure your eligibility here. Applications will only be accepted online via the application form.
The Application Portal isn’t working! What should I do?

If the portal is not accepting your application after two attempts, send an alert to apply@yedi.ca.
Do you have a question we did not answer? Contact us at info@yedi.ca