Practicum Opportunity

Venture Name: The Chufa Co.

Founder: Andrea Orazi


Description: creating healthy and sustainable Canadian-Grown Plant-Based health and wellness products using the Cyperus Esculentes plant (aka, tigernuts).

Venture Name: Folium Labs Inc.

Founder: Anton Umnov


Description: Folium Labs Inc. is focused on the technologies that drastically enhance bioavailability and efficacy of natural health ingredients and cannabinoids.

Venture Name: TMS Clinics of Canada

Founder: Nechama Chanowitz


Description: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a cutting edge therapy for depression that uses magnetic fields to stimulate the brain’s nerve cells. 

Venture Name: CIT Corp.

Founder: Vlad Zhitnikov


Description: CIT Corp. provides schools, nonprofit and small and mid-size businesses with private cloud technology, affordable pay-as-you-go software and hardware, secure remote access, and easy ways for businesses to collaborate online. 

Venture Name: Amazing Print Tech

Founder: Slava Apel


Description: Amazing Print Tech has successfully facilitated millions of postcard, business card and stationery orders with its online printing technology since 1997.  With a complete suite of Web to Print software applications, Amazing Print web2print software empowers printers with template based postcard, signage and business card printing software tools to effectively market, drive and close sales, rewarding its partners and customers with superior web-to-print technology and on-demand printing software support services.

Venture Name: Monkey Jabber

Founder: Jacob Moshinsky


Description: A safety watch that helps you keep track of where your child is located.

Venture Name: IT Universe Ltd

Founder: Ilia Borishchev


Description: A robust software development company with a strong focus on custom products neatly fitted to client’s needs,  full implementation and continuing operation support of these products.

Venture Name: LabMotus Health and Performance Clinic (Virtrum Health)

Founder: Victor Wu


Description: LabMotus’ iterative approach creates customized programs and solutions to help you unlock your health and performance potential.

Venture Name: Visiontif

Founder: Chun Yu


Description: Visitiontif’s AI smart-powered glasses are designed to assist those who are blind and visually impaired.