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  • Testimonial

    Excited for the new tools I have to run my business

    Andrea Orazi, The Chufa Co

    I am so grateful for my time at YEDI. It’s remarkable that a program like this even exists and helps entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. Our cohort all came from such diverse backgrounds (some have training in business, and others just instinct) but yet, the curriculum is so accessible, and Oleg, Marat and Ric and the guest instructors make sure the subject matter is relevant and easy to grasp. I know I've looked forward to every Wednesday evening for the past 16 weeks, and I'm sad to see it end, but I'm excited for the new tools I have to run my business.

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    Amazing experience in online learning during COVID

    Vladimir Shcherbukhin, Ceotech

    Incredible community of entrepreneurs and great mentors who provided a lot of useful materials and suggestions. YEDI is one of the best places to take your startup to a higher level. Thanks to the YEDI team for the opportunities to grow and learn something new.

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    I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in YEDI’s not-for-profit program

    Zahra Qureshi, Social Venture Circuit

    Within a few months of launching Social Venture Circuit. The program was very specific in bringing out issues, real-world examples and unique approaches to managing a non-profit effectively. The sessions gave me insight to make strategic decisions, ensure that strong governance was in place and I was preparing for sustainability in today’s challenging economic environment. The modules and one-on-one sessions with seasoned experts made a big difference in my growth.

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    YEDI has proved itself to be a valuable and reliable partner

    Konstantin Feinberg, ProSkaters Place

    With YEDI’s guidance, we have been able to define our future business direction, goals, and obtain concrete tools for addressing and accomplishing these objectives. Additionally, YEDI provided the option of an affordable facility to accommodate our formerly, small warehouse. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with YEDI in the future, expanding our knowledge, exploring new business opportunities and sharing our experience with other new initiatives.