YEDI VC Fund Investments

Securing funding is a critical step on the path to success for most start-ups. Often, investors are looking to invest in companies who have achieved certain milestones – a potential challenge for many early stage ventures. This is exactly why the YEDI VC Fund was created. YEDI collaborates with private investors, angel investor groups and VCs to help client ventures to obtain the needed investment. As of 2019, YEDI has been accepted into the Canadian Venture Capital Association as a general partner – an opportunity that provides YEDI with access to additional capital and funding resources.

Most recently, YEDI alumni The Chufa Co. and Folium Labs Inc. have secured six-digit investments from YEDI’s VC Fund. Both ventures are taking innovative steps to improve lifestyles both in Canada and abroad. YEDI looks forward to watching The Chufa Co. and Folium Labs Inc. grow and to support them in their successes!

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YEDI President Marat Ressin Attends Web Summit Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

In November, YEDI President Dr. Marat Ressin attended Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Forbes has described Web Summit as “the best technology conference on the planet”, where founders and CEOs of tech-based start-ups share their success stories and answer the question: where to next?

Dr. Ressin represented YEDI and was amazed to discover that Canadian start-ups are extremely comparable to those from well-known, tech-innovative countries around the world. As described in an interview with York Link, Dr. Ressin says that Canada is a great gateway to North America, which is part of the reason why Canadian representation in international conferences such as Web Summit, is so important.

One of YEDI’s current goals is to become more present in the Western European market. See the interview with York Link to learn more: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-h_3VLUQ5g.

YEDI is looking forward to attending Collision, Web Summit’s ‘sister conference’, in May at the Enercare Centre in Toronto!

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YEDI Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary of Inaugural Program

5 years ago, YEDI opened its doors to our first cohort of innovators! Since then, over 400 entrepreneurs have completed our programs, raising hundreds of millions of dollars in funding and sales and creating over 10 000 jobs. YEDI has grown to become the world’s #1 university-linked business accelerator, and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store.

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YEDI Concludes a Successful Entrepreneurship Program in Israel

In August 2018, YEDI completed its third entrepreneurship development program for Israeli entrepreneurs. This year 15 innovative ventures were selected to complete a 2-week intensive program. The cohort also included entrepreneurs from the United States who travelled to Israel in order to join the cohort.

The cohort included unique ideas in the health-tech, mobile and educational sectors among others.  Upon their successful completion of the program, participants pitched their ventures to a funder audience, including investors, potential partners, municipal representatives, and representatives of the Israeli Innovation Authority.

YEDI’s unique entrepreneurship program in Israel offers mentorship, education, connections, and academic credits. The program aims to help local entrepreneurs develop a global business without leaving their country. 

We once again congratulate all the participants for their hard work! The YEDI team is looking forward to seeing their future growth and success, both in Israel and around the world!

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YEDI Concludes Extremely Successful Global Start-Up Mission to Israel

In March, YEDI concluded the first ever Canadian Global Start-Up Mission led by a university-linked business accelerator, and the results have exceeded the best expectations. Among many other successes, new agreements valued at $7.35 million were signed between YEDI, Canadian mission participants and Israeli ventures and organizations.

Many start-ups are looking to access global markets very early, and for several, their first entry market will not be Canada. Accessing emerging markets can be challenging due to significant differences in culture, business environment and in often language barriers. These “born global” start-ups need help overcoming these common differences to doing business abroad, as well as accessing business networks.

In partnership with Canadian and Israeli institutions, 10 Canadian ventures spent a full month experiencing and learning from Israel’s unique start-up ecosystem. Selected entrepreneurs participated in an intensive global entrepreneurship development program led by business leaders and start-up founders. Throughout the program, entrepreneurs visited global companies and unique start-ups, and met with top leaders of Israel’s start-up ecosystem and government officials responsible for the growth and development of SMEs.


  • $7,350,000 in overall agreements and MOUs signed by YEDI and mission participants
  • $580,000 total investment secured as a result of the mission, with $50,000 distributed during the mission
  • Met with Government Ministers and Chairs of Parliamentary Committees responsible for growth and innovation in Israel
  • YEDI authorized to issue letters of support for Israel’s Innovation Authority granting opportunities to Canadian-Israeli projects
  • Ariel University in collaboration with YEDI was invited by Israeli government to submit a funding application for up to $20 million Shekels in order to build a YEDI Business Acceleration Campus and international entrepreneurship development program in Israel.
  • Visited institutions and support services including: Israeli Knesset, Israel’s Innovation Authority, Technion University, Ariel University, Volcany Center, Barkan Manufacturing Zone, and Haifa Port Authority.
  • Visited successful global start-ups: Fiverr, Foresight, Allot, StoreDot, Our Crowd and many more.

“The trip was an invaluable and eye-opening experience. It provided us with knowledge, connections and platforms from which to build international collaborative projects and business partnership opportunities that will strengthen our venture and its growth in Canada and internationally.” Natalya, Founder of Cleanopy



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